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2 Ton Ground Wheel Drive Spreader

The Doyle 2 Ton Ground Wheel Drive Spreader was designed for fertilizing food plots, golf courses, and other turf type applications. The modular design allows Doyle to customize the units to fit your needs; this means that your spreader is no longer a disposable unit. If in the years to come a part fails or wears out, it can be quickly repaired or replaced. This includes the hopper, frame, axle, and all drive assemblies.

Spreader-2TonOur hoppers are constructed of 14 ga. 304 stainless steel. Each hopper is laser cut and jig built to precise measurements; this allows every hopper to fit every frame accurately. A chemical baffle is added inside the hopper; this keeps the material from “bridging” and reduces the amount of weight on the conveyor chain. As with all Doyle products, the hopper seams are continuously welded inside and out. Our unique bin design is easily removable from the frame; just 4 bolts and special box washers hold the hoppers to the frames.

The frame assembly is made of heavy duty mild steel; it was designed to be rugged and twist resistant. Our frame consists of a mild steel tubing base, with heavy duty mild steel corner braces. Our corner braces are laser cut, and jig built, that means that every hopper fits on every frame. All frame surfaces are “boxed” to minimize the areas that corrosive materials can be trapped. This allows the operator to easily wash the unit off after use. The frame is metal shot blasted and powder coated bright blue. Each frame uses Henschen axle, multi trac turf tires, adjustable height hitch, and a heavy duty tongue jack.

The standard drive system consists of manual engagement assembly, power frame assembly, main gearbox assembly, spinner gearboxes, and spinner dishes.

The manual engagement assembly is used to engage and disengage the drive system. The assembly is made of heavy duty mild steel, has CNC machined parts, is metal shot blasted, and powder coated bright blue. An optional hydraulic engagement system is available.

The power frame assembly uses a combination of CNC machined parts and laser cut parts, and is jig built. The power frame assembly transfers power from the units tires to the gearbox assembly. The assembly has a uniquely designed power wheel. When engaged, this wheel grips the tire, and produces a slip-free connection, in most cases. If surface moisture or mud is a problem, an optional mud tire and power wheel combination is available for 5 ton unit only.

The main gearbox assembly consists of specialized gears and sprockets enclosed in a heavy duty gear case. The gear case is made of 304 stainless steel. Each gearbox has laser cut parts and is jig assembled, making for a virtually leak proof case. The gearbox is powered by the power frame assembly. Its job is to provide the power to the conveyor chain and the spinner gear boxes. A sight glass is installed in each gearbox; this allows the operator to quickly assess the oil level inside the gearbox.

The spinner gearboxes are custom made for Doyle; they have been engineered to be long lasting and reliable, in all operating conditions. The spinner gearboxes are painted bright blue.

The twin 19-1/4″ spinner dishes are made of heavy duty mild steel. Each spinner dish has three laser cut blade location holes. Four 304 stainless steel blades are bolted into these holes. The blades shape is specifically designed to throw material consistently and evenly. Each blade can be fine tuned by moving it to any one of the three operating locations. The blade locations have been calibrated by Doyle to provide the most consistent spread rates, with the broadest range of materials.

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