About Riverview Manufacturing

Established in 2005, Riverview Manufacturing Inc. is owned and operated by Monty and Colt Doyle. Located in Palmyra, Mo., Riverview produces all of Doyle Equipment Manufacturing's pull type spreaders, and tenders (except the 24 Ton Trailer Tender).

The 6 Ton Ground Wheel Drive, pull type spreader was initially designed and manufactured by Riverview. The 5 Ton Ground Wheel Drive, pull type spreader closely followed. Both units were analyzed and tested extensively to insure they were both durable and user friendly. In early 2006, the 5 Ton Mid-Clearance, Ground Wheel Drive pull type spreader was designed. After several evolutions of the hydraulic engagement and power frame system, the unit was manufactured.

All three units utilize Doyle Equipment Manufacturing's high quality laser cut sheet metal parts. And, Riverview's high quality, tight tolerance, machined and sawed parts. All of the units are produced on or in high quality, heavy duty jigs and fixtures, which insure repeatability from unit to unit. The jigs and fixtures allow any assembly or sub-assembly to fit onto any unit.

Once the Ground Wheel Drive, pull type spreader line was in full operation, Riverview moved on to the tender line of products. Riverview helped in the redesign of the 24 Ton Trailer Tender. The redesign was done to produce a quality jig built unit, that could serve as the foundation for the 16 Ton Side Discharge Truck Tender. The two units share the same box design, belly auger hoppers, and slide gate assemblies.

Riverview manufactures several assemblies for the 24 Ton Trailer Tender, along with the complete 16 Ton Side Discharge Truck Tender. Both units have completely jig built boxes, augers, and frames.

The 10 Ton and 16 Ton Rear Discharge Tenders were designed next, and were put into production in early 2008. The rear discharge tenders are also jig built, and use laser cut parts. They are both completely built by Riverview Manufacturing.

During 2008 and early 2009, there have been a few other units developed, the major units are the 2 Ton Ground Wheel Drive and the 6 Ton PTO Ground Wheel Drive Spreaders. Several options for the Ground Wheel Drive line have been developed also, such as the hydraulic spinner option.

In addition to equipment, Riverview is also responsible for fabricating all machined and sawed parts for all of the Doyle product lines. The machining center has an assortment of high quality machines. The machines are CNC mills, CNC lathes, and high capacity band saws.

Summer 2014

Riverview will add on another 7,500 sq.ft. for a new parts warehouse, making the sq.ft. total 67,900.