Since 1951
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1951 Doyle and Adams buy the old Nabisco Cracker building for their Fertilizer Spreader business 1951 Doyle comes out with their first Mechanical Truck Spreader 1952 Doyle and Adams buy a Riverfront Stag Beer Business in Quincy, IL. 1954 Doyle buys land to expand the Truck Spreader business, which is now 4001 Broadway (current location)
1960s "You've Seen the Rest, Now Buy the Best!" - Merle "Jack" Doyle 1961 First Incline Axis Rotary Drum Blender Introduced to the fertilizer industry.
1970s "Be Wise & Fertilize!" - Merle "Jack" Doyle 1970s "Shamrock Spreaders Cover the Earth" - Merle "Jack" Doyle 1970s Doyle Logo Created By Merle "Jack" Doyle
1987 Became an International Company in 1987 after the European Tradeshow in London, England. Doyle products are currently in approx. 70 countries. 1987 Doyle MFG. creates largest tappered screw in the industry for Vertical Blenders
1994 Doyle buys Kraus Equipment Product Line From HiWay Equipment in 1994 (This was Doyle's their largest competitor of rotary blenders at the time. Kraus had been building mass quantities of these specific blenders in 3 different location, Oneonta, Ny : Lebanon, TN : Walford, IA
2000 Introduced FAT BOY Verticals w/ 46inch-22inch Tappered Screw 2005 Start of Riverview Manufacturing - Manufacturer of Doyle Spreader Line - 30,000sq.ft. Riverview lays on an 81 acre track overlooking the Mississippi River in Palmyra, MO. 2010 Riverview expands 8,400 more sq.ft. 2011 Ground Breaking for Doyle Enterprises of Northeast Missouri in Palmyra, MO. W/ Governor Jay Nixon 2012 Riverview 22,000 sq.ft addition
Summer 2014 Riverview will add on another 7,500 sq.ft. for a new parts warehouse, making the sq.ft. total 67,900 Current Doyle MFG in Quincy, IL is currently 101,689 sq.ft. Doyle MFG. will soon make the move to Missouri, where their new state of the art facility will reside. Doyle's new plant sits on a 144 acre site, the plant will be under one roof in a 208,000 sq.ft building. The rest the 144 acres will be mostly zoned for a future industrial park. The new building sits next to a major interstate in the midwest. Interstate 61 is now known as the Avenue of Saints, an all 4 lane hwy from St. Louis, MO to St. Paul MN.